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ANAVAR (oxandrolone)

5 alpha-androstan-2-oxa-17 alpha-methyl-17 beta-ol-3-one


Pronounced "ANNA-var", this is a very safe oral steroid. One of the most popular, and safe due to its virtual inability to aromatize to estrogen (we don't want bitch tits now do we?) Originally produced for women and children, oxandrolone is one of the few steroids which does not cause an early stunting of growth in children since it does not prematurely close the epiphysial growth plates. This steroid is unlikely to cause virilization (masculinization) in women. Most women athletes will use anywhere from 10-30 mg/day with no adverse side effects.

Oxandrolone is a favorite among all classes of athletes. It is a "strong" steroid that will make one strong without the typical weight gain. And since virtually none of it will convert to estrogen, you will not gain the watery appearance, like with dianabol. Among bodybuilders it is favored during precontest preparation, due to its ability to keep one strong without putting much weight (lean body mass or water). This is especially important for the competitor who is coming in close to the top of his weight class. Powerlifters like it for the same reason, lots of strength with little weight.

Excessive testosterone in the body will usually decrease the body's own natural production of testosterone. Oxandrolone is one of the few steroids that have virtually no effect upon our natural hormonal production. This makes it a welcome member in almost any cycle stack. Unfortunately, since it is usually produced in limited quantities per year, it demands quite a high price (1-3$/tab)

- Be weary of a suppressed appetite. Oxandrolone sometimes will do this, slowing any potential gains you are shooting for

- Stacks well with almost everything.



BioTechnology General (BTG) Oxandrin (US) 2.5 mg tabs
Dainippon Lonavar (Japan) 2 mg tabs
Kowa Vasorome (Japan)``` 0.5 and 2 mg tabs
Searle Anavar (o.c.) (US) 2.5 mg tabs
  Anatrophill (o.c.) (FR) 2.5 mg tabs
  Lipidex (Brazil) 2.5 mg tabs
  Lonavar (o.c.) (Argentina) 2.5 mg tabs
Societta Prodotti Antibiotica Oxandrolone SPA (I) 2.5 mg tabs
Ttokkyo Labs Oxandrolone 5 mg tabs