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Precontest Bible has the Precontest Bible! Finally, there is one book, one comprehensive reference source, that gives you the EXACT CONTEST PREPARATION BLUEPRINTS of over 30 of the world’s best bodybuilders. Now you can see the exact ins-and-outs of how Mr. Olympia winners and top pro & national champions get into incredible, shredded, contest-winning condition.


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“THE PRECONTEST BIBLE is the most complete book ever written on bodybuilding contest preparation. It is totally unique from anything I’ve ever seen or read and is an extremely valuable tool for anyone who wants to get into incredible shape.”

Ronnie Coleman
8 -Time I.F.B.B.
Mr. Olympia, 1998-2005

You’ll Get the Exact Details of Everything the Best Bodybuilders in the World Do, From the Day They Start Their Contest Preparation to the Minute They Step Onstage!

THE PRECONTEST BIBLE reveals every secret and every precise detail of how more than 30 top national and pro bodybuilding champions maximize muscle mass while getting ripped to the bone to reveal vascular, grainy, striated contest-winning muscle.

“Success in bodybuilding, especially contest prep, is based on finding what works best for you. Larry Pepe’s PRECONTEST BIBLE is the only reference book you can read to learn what dozens of the best bodybuilders in the world do. It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to maximize their genetic potential.”

Jay Cutler
3-Time I.F.B.B. Arnold Schwarzenegger
Classic Bodybuilding Champion, 2002-2004

Every profile is in the same format, making the information you need both easy to find and compare. Here’s what you’ll learn about all these amazing athletes:

Precontest Training and Cardio

Exact Workouts, Including Sets, Reps & Body Part Splits
Duration, Intensity and Frequency of Cardio
And, you’ll get two incredible bonuses!

Ronnie Coleman’s complete, exact workout for EVERY BODYPART as he prepped for his mind-blowing “Redemption” victory at the 2003 Mr. Olympia!
Jay Cutler’s exact set-by-set workout for EVERY BODYPART that he used to win three consecutive Arnold Classic Championships!

Precontest Diet and Supplementation

Exact Meal-By-Meal Breakdowns, Including Precise Food Measurements, Meal Frequency, Water Intake and Cheat Days
Full Supplement Programs
The Last Week
Food Intake and Water Manipulation
Carb Depletion and Loading
Contest Day Meal Plans
The Finishing Touches
Precontest Tanning Regimen, Including Product Choices
Posing Preparation
Backstage Pump Up and Last Minute Preparation
Personal Info
Athlete’s Website, Major Titles, Birthdate, Contest and Off-Season Bodyweights, How Long They Prepare for a Contest What do they like most and least about getting ready for a show? What do they want to eat the minute the show is over? When do they think they achieved their best condition and which other athletes do they admire when it comes to getting in shape? What really motivates them to achieve greatness onstage and stay disciplined when they don’t want to make the necessary sacrifices that day?

Virtually Every Top Pro You Can Think of Volunteered to Be a Part of THE PRECONTEST BIBLE!

From Ronnie, Jay, Dexter, Chris and Lee to Dorian, Shawn and Gaspari, They’re All Here!

Take a look at the incredible list of athletes who disclosed every step they take to get into mind-blowing contest shape on their way to victory at the biggest contests in bodybuilding:

Ronnie Coleman, 8-Time Mr. Olympia
Dorian Yates, 6-Time Mr. Olympia
Jay Cutler, 3-Time Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Champion
Shawn Ray, 12-Time Mr. Olympia Top Five Finalist, Arnold Schwarzenegger Champion
Dexter Jackson, GNC Show of Strength Champion
Chris Cormier, 4-Time Ironman Bodybuilding Champion
Victor Martinez, Night of Champions Winner
Lee Priest, San Francisco Pro Invitational Winner
Rich Gaspari, Arnold Classic Champion and the first athlete to display truly extreme muscularity and shredded glutes on stage!
Art Atwood, Toronto Pro Champion

But that’s just the beginning. You’ll also get the entire precontest regimens of 22 more national and international champions who represent the best of the N.P.C. & I.F.B.B.’s past, present and future!

Mark Dugdale, 2004 Overall USA Champion
Will Harris, 2004 USA Heavyweight Champ
Troy Alves, Mr. Olympia Competitor
Kris Dim, Mr. Olympia Competitor
Ahmad Haidar, Mr. Olympia Competitor
Johnnie Jackson, Mr. Olympia Competitor
Gustavo Badell, Mr. Olympia Competitor
Tom Prince, Mr. Olympia Competitor
Bob Cicherillo, Mr. Olympia Competitor
Craig Titus, Mr. Olympia Competitor
King Kamali, Mr. Olympia Competitor
Aaron Baker, Mr. Olympia Competitor
David Dearth, Mr. Olympia Competitor
Quincy Taylor, Overall USA Champion
Johnny Stewart, 6-Time National Champion
Mike Valentino, 4-Time National Champion
David Henry, National Middleweight Champion
Jamo Nezzar, British Bodybuilding Champ
Stan McQuay, USA Middleweight Champ
Eryk Bui, USA Lightweight Champ
Mike Ergas, Junior National Champ
Steve Mcleod, Junior National Champ


A Note From The Author, Larry Pepe

“I’ve always believed that the best people to ask about how to get insanely shredded and build and maintain incredible muscularity are the guys who have done it…national, world and pro bodybuilding champions.

“That’s what motivated me to create THE PRECONTEST BIBLE. As a writer for Musclemag International and an N.P.C. National Judge, I have access to the best bodybuilders in the world. As a former competitor and one who prepared I.F.B.B. superstar Troy Alves for his pro-qualifying win, I know the questions to ask.

“And, I guarantee that everything contained in each profile is exactly as each athlete told it to me. No editing, no changing anything to push a certain theory or product. I was fanatical in being attentive to detail and wrote every profile within hours of when the interview was conducted so that my notes and recollection of everything they said were exact. This is EXACTLY what each athlete does to get into mind-blowing, contest-winning condition.”

It’s Your Turn!

Regardless of your specific goals or needs, the details and wealth of information contained in this book will help you get in the best shape of your entire life. You will finally become the master of your own body and discover how to manipulate it like the experts featured in this book, not just for your next show, but for every show you compete in from now on.

Here’s the bottom line…

With THE PRECONTEST BIBLE, you now have a backstage pass to bodybuilding’s elite, complete with endless numbers of ideas, options, secrets and tricks about every aspect of contest preparation. I wish you the best in using it to achieve the best condition of your life.

See you on stage!

“I’ve worked on my contest prep with the author, Larry Pepe, so I can personally attest to his incredible knowledge and attention to every precontest detail. Combine that with the precise ins and outs of what virtually every top pro in the world does, and you truly have a one-of-a-kind book. THE PRECONTEST BIBLE is the best book on the market for bodybuilders at every level. Even as a Mr. Olympia competitor, you are always learning, and no book can teach you more than this one.”

Troy Alves
Heavyweight USA Bodybuilding Champion & Mr. Olympia Competitor

“Here’s your choice. You can read five different magazines each month for the next five years to find out exactly what the best in the world do, or you can have it all in one place with THE PRECONTEST BIBLE. Larry’s interview was as tiring as a leg workout, but the detail and spot-on accuracy he’s giving the readers is a first. Either get the book or stay fat and out of shape!”

Lee Priest
San Francisco Bodybuilding Champion & Mr. Olympia Competitor