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Jay Cutler CEO Muscle

Jay Cutler's story is not of hardship or years of struggle. Rather, it is one of building himself up slowly and finally hitting the big time. His career was launched by a near-metoriec rise to the tip by winning the Teenage National Bodybuilding Championships followed by the Men's National bodybuilding Championships which qualified him as a professional bodybuilder in his very first attempts. By 23 years old, Jay was qualified to take on the best of the best and he was making a great living from the sport he loved.

How did he do it? You could say that he took the accountant approach to the sport. He preplanned every workout, every meal, recording it, and evaluating. "Where am I and where do I want to go?" asked Jay. His methodical approach to the sport has allowed him to continually improve. He has always said, "I approach bodybuilding as a business: both the training and the financial end of it. You have to be prepared to roll with the disappointments, appreciate the wins, and learn from the losses. For me, bodybuilding and a business are almost synonymous. They both require a plan and a system. I am always working to be the best I can be in both worlds."